Zzkyl class ship

If you fly up next to one, you're riding bitch. Remember that.

Zzkyl-Class ships may not be the fastest fleet out there, and they may not be the most powerful vessels in space. But they're goddamn scary to look at, and if you know anything about their pilots, The DeathBringers, you'll know to steer clear and go about your business elsewhere.

Zzkyls are spiky, black and silver ships that'll remind you of a Chinese throwing star in more ways than one: They're outfitted with spaceship-mounted turbolasers that can slice your ship in half and gut you like an avocado. Some Zzkyls are specially modified to transport and launch the DeathBringers' space-adapted motorcycles, used mostly as a diversion tactic - like flies buzzin' 'round the Multi's picnic while the other kids steal the basket.

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