World Purgers

The World Purger vessel doesn't gets it name for show.

World Purgers are the largest vessels known to carry the Followers of Eratos. Reputable accounts of ship sightings are non-existent. World Purgers have not been seen on the Asteroid Highway, leading many to believe the ships do not require ore for fuel and, thus, that the Followers of Eratos use some kind of dark matter - perhaps from The Dot, to fuel their fleet and feed their people.

These ships are the heavy hitters of the Followers of Eratos and have the weapons to destroy entire worlds. There mass size alone can make the bravest of men cower in fear. The first time these ships made contact was in 2279, at least 100 years after Earth was abandoned on the colony of New Dakota near Uranus. This was when the Followers first re-established contact with Humanity. A relentless assault soon went under way. The colonial Militia and fleet was slaughter before they knew what hit them. Even when reinforcements arrived they never stood a chance. There were no survivors from the colony. The reinforcing fleet was all but in ruins.

Those who survived the battle were traumatized by seeing ships that were the size of a moon and weaponry that destroyed an entire cruiser with one shot. This event was know as the New Dakota massacre. The World Purgers are equipped with heavy laser cannons, medium laser cannons, anti fighter guns, heavy shields, and the most devastating bomb imaginable, The Hammer Of Wrath. A bomb infused with dark matter and 10 times more power than a hydrogen bomb. When it doesn't destroy an entire planet, it leaves a crater the size of the Himalayas. They are even hard to spot since dark matter signatures can't be Identified with bore sense arrays. The bomb itself is surprisingly small and can be transported in just about anything. Its pure black look and neon colors with the scripture to the followers makes it more identifiable. When see one of these behemoth your best chance is to run.

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