The Death Bringer

A colossal mobile space fortress with enough fire power to put a super nova to shame.

When it comes to building weapons of mass destruction, the Followers of Eratos go all out— especially on this monstrosity of a ship. Lucky for everyone, this ship tends to be more focused on staying around OutOutSol.

Once discovered by a group of rebels smuggling weapons to Mars, they sent the following transmission back to Facebase, Bear City and the other factions.

Horrifying machine. Bigger than The Synergy. Seems to be a reclaimed prison ship from MultiCorp Security built with scrap metal and shipwrecks. We are surrounded by Wraith in stealth mode.

Out of nowhere, Omen himself stopped their destruction, and gave them the following message that forever haunted their minds:

This weapon will be the end of all things.

When they returned to their base, the news traveled at speed of light across the system. It had became a true sign that all life was hanging by a single thread when this monster is sighted.

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