The Stranger

The true identity of the man is shrouded in mystery, and he has no memory of his life at all.

The Stranger was first discovered in a escape pod in uncharted space by a Multi-security patrol. They discovered him in cryogenic sleep surrounded by a dozen corpses that were still rotting. When The Stranger was awakened from his sleep he had no idea who he was. In fear, he attacked the Multi-security officers that found him and escaped on one of their shuttles.

He now wanders the Sol system looking for answers where he can find them. Once in a while he gets a few fuzzy images from time to time, but nothing specific enough to open the door on his past. The Stranger is obviously a human from Earth who will do good or bad deeds for the fun of it and is some what a jack of all trades. But if you cross The Stranger you better watch out - he's unpredictable and prone to violence.

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