The Harbinger of the End

Not much is know about this being at all - not its real name, age or even gender.

What is known is that the The Harbinger of the End is rumored to be the founder of the Followers of Eratos faction. But that would make him over 300 years old and not even the best cybernetics can keep a body alive for that long. But that's only a rumor. This being stays in the throneroom at all times, in a section of his menacing ship called The Halls of Oblivion.

Wearing nothing but armor and robes covering its body, the Harbinger of the End adorns a hellish helmet designed to protect itself from surprise enemies or, perhaps, to hide its hideous features.

Looking into the eyes of the Harbinger of the End makes you feel like looking into death itself. Even when being in the same room with this being you can feel a unnatural aura around its body, and the stench of death is always around it. He wields a staff that seems to control dark matter itself without lifting a finger.

What ever the case is with this mysterious figure, when it finally reveals itself to the Sol system nothing will ever be the same again.

Want to learn more about Harbinger meet the Disciples of Oblivion

"You think that you are safe by behind your laws and order that keep you alive in the emptiness of space, that nothing can ever destroy the insignificant lives that you have made yourselves amongst the star themselves. Think again, for only chaos is the natural order of all things in the universe. Your wills will be crushed and your worlds will burn before my wrath. For I am your Harbinger of the End and no power in existance will save you from oblivion"

Combat skill: unknown

Intelligence: unknown

Influence: unknown

Threat level: god have mercy on us all

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