The Conductor

The mysterious, 3-billion-year-old artifact and the secret weapon Cat Anne knows can be used to secure Mars.

The Conductor
The Conductor

Part of an ancient ship that was destroyed around the same time that Mars was ruined, the Conductor was entombed inside an asteroid until its discovery by Hank Henderson.

The Conductor, so happy to be freed, trusted Hank with the story of the ship's destruction and the existence of the Drive, what powers it holds, and her mission to reunite with it.

The Conductor swore if she was released again, her broken trust in Hank would not be repeated - she would make sure, the next time around to use her superpower against Hank (the ability to listen and convince humans to bend to her will). When Cat Anne discovers her, the Conductor knows she get her revenge on Hank and complete her mission to get the Drive into position, connect it up with the other components, and make her ship whole again.

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