There is one word that best suits Strife best — bloodthirsty. As one of the Followers of Eratos' most skilled assassins and one of the most dangerous killers in the sector, his body count is rumored to be in the hundreds, despite being difficult to identify since many of his targets are found torn apart, burned, sliced, and scattered into pieces.

He is the left hand of the Harbinger of the End as a member of the Disciples of Oblivion. He is also in command of the Chosen, the special forces of the Followers. He is more machine than human since he has upgraded his body to be literally the perfect killing machine. It makes him even more dangerous with his body powered by a dark matter engine which can power him for centuries.

His mask is the face of a demon that sends fear in to all who gaze at it. His favorite way to kill is with his blades that he keep on his back. By the time you draw your weapon you're already dead. This is one monster your don't want in your dreams.

Combat skills: extremely high

Intelligence: unknown

Influence: unknown

Threat level: kill on sight

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