Omen is as cold as he is calculated when it come to winning, which made him the supreme commander of the Followers of Eratos' navy and armies.

When you try to think ahead, he take four steps ahead of you. His military exploits are feared across the galaxy, making him one of the most wanted criminals in the entire sector, more so then Big Lenny. To him failure is not an option and those who are deemed failures are disposed of.

As one of the Disciples of Oblivion he has the ears of the Harbinger himself as his right hand. His mask has only eye sockets while rest of it is blank,showing his cold bitter personality. He soon got the name "Black Omen" since his soul is as cold and emotionless as the darkest reaches of space. With a mind like his, the Follower seem to be almost impossible to beat.

Combat skills: unknown

Intelligence: extremely high

Influence: high

Threat level: kill on sight

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