Ms. Cortez

A trashy local you'll probably meet on the corner of Third and A. Usually seen with Big Lenny.

Ms. "Whoretez," as she's known in certain circles (do NOT repeat that anywhere near her unless you want your jingle bells ripped off your tree), ain't a bad gal. She's just… naturally horizontal, if you get my drift. But she's a serious businesswoman, too. So if you're lucky enough to score a midnight meeting with her, don't expect no complementary reach around the next morning. And I ain't sayin' she's a thief, but a man's watch and wallet can seem to get lost real easy in the presence of Ms. Cortez. Just mind your p's and q's and your personal effects, and by all accounts you'll be a highly satisfied customer.

Tell us more about what keeps Ms. Cortez up all night.


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