Mira Tanaka

Mira has one of the most difficult jobs in outSol, a news reporter.

Born on Io and the only child to Japanese immigrants she first enter the news world at 17 when her parents were murdered by a loan shark. The police did nothing, despite how obvious his guilt was.

Mira decided to investigate the police on the case and discovered a whole Web of corruption and publicized it on the Grid. Sure everyone was arrested for their crimes, but it put a very large bulls-eye on her head for the rest of the crime underworld and soon fled to Mars.

She got a job at the Solar Gazette and had a much harder time trying to find a good story with everything censored by corporations and criminals. Her career heated up when she accidentally ended up at the Siege of Geo. Though she had enough interviews and coverage of the siege to earn her a raise, she ended up losing her left arm and gain a few scars from a artillery shells a few inches away from her. She would soon leave Mars due to being accused as a rebel spy by security forces. After that she would meet her partner in crime/lover, Marcus Akachi , an African information broker that gives her all the juicy scopes that no one knows about. She post most of her finding on just about anything, from Coperatations secrets to even crime bosses like Big Lenny. But she never goes any where unarmed since her weapon is literally her arm! A customized N38 arm blaster with several different rounds, such as inceneray, armor piercing, and shield disrupter. The arm of course can be switched to a normal arm at a moments notice. When there's a story that needs to be heard, Mira Tanaka is on the case.

She flies a T43 Sky Jumper.

Combat skill: medium

Intelligence: high

Influence: high

Threat level: proceed with caution

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