Lenard "the Butcher" McCullough

Lenard McCullough was born into a long line of Irish mobsters and he wasn't going to stop the family business and he wasn't going to stop any time soon.

He was a powerful crime lord on Bear City and was a partner in crime with Big Lenny when he was still new to the business on Face Base. No one did anything unless they had McCullough's approval, making him feared by all. Those who did cross him soon meet their untimely death at the hands of McCullough with a family heirloom past down to every family head, a butcher knife. All of his victims were publicly shown out on the streets to remind everyone who is in charge.

For years McCullough continued his business of racketeering, drug trading and gun smuggling without any opposition in his way. That was until he discovered Big Lenny was smuggling Old Blue into the Pink Taco. He wanted it all to himself and it was time for his old pal Lenny to be taken out with the trash. Of course Lenny heard of this and had plans of his own.

McCullough was dragged all the way to Face Base to face the wrath of Lenny himself. Lenny personal chopped off McCullough's left hand with McCullough's own butcher knife as a reminder not to cross him again. It has been said that Big Lenny keep that butcher knife mounted on his wall as a trophy of his victory over him. He replaced his hand with a hook after that. Lenny soon framed McCullough for trading with rebels cells on Mars and was sent to Helios Prison for the rest of his life. Now he is in charge of the Crimson Blade and rules over most of the prison.

Combat skill: high

Intelligence: high

Influence: high

Threat level: extremely dangerous

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