Kronus Orpheus

Kronus Orpheus is a young adult and lifetime soldier with the Space Marines.

Orpheus is a grumpy, unhappy character who, after years of battling ex-Earthlings who return to their homeland to try and ravage it for any remnants of useful resources, has grown to hate the space pirates and their factions.

He lives on his ship with one of only a handful of non-Marine soldiers left on and around Earth, an orphan named Kifi. He and Kifi are each other's family, and he has made a career of fiercely protecting the child from famine and danger.

Kronus Orpheus wears an eye patch over his left eye, dons a space marine suit 24/7, and has beautiful relics of Earth - jewelry and small electronics - carefully squirreled away after the final battles that ravaged Earth of its people and possessions.

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