Determined, methodical, and seemingly devoid of empathy and a conscience, Kora̤l is unlike any MCS officer you've encountered before.

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Growing up in the unforgiving ruins of Old Detroit, Kora̤l was exposed to suffering and violence before he could tie his own tattered boots. Meals came slow, death a lot quicker. Kora̤l earned a name for himself early on, as his reputation for using violence to survive grew into an unquenchable thirst. His talent for bloodshed was quickly noticed by the notoriously ruthless crime syndicate Red Ono and their leader Cros Ricter.

Kora̤l flourished under Ricter's hand, becoming his most trusted goon and one of the most feared faces in the underground shadow world of Old Detroit. There wasn't much success to be had in Old Detroit. But if a person had any at all, it had to be blessed by Ricter's Red Ono. Kora̤l collected Red Ono's owed percentage from the majority of businesses in the city. Those that defied were met with the darkest will of Kora̤l's psyche.

Red Ono's unrelenting grip on the city — aided by Kora̤l's reputation and Ricter's design — thrived for many years. Old Detroit grew more hopeless, drifted further from its old self. Kora̤l, in turn, also began to see his future narrow and wither. So long as Kora̤l brought Cros Ricter fortune, all of his will and ambition could not afford another path in Old Detroit.

Several days before Kora̤l's 23rd birthday, he went to Cros Ricter with his idea to go off-world and began a new life for himself. Ricter initially reacted kindly and wished him well; however, Kora̤l soon learned that Ricter placed a price on his head. Even Kora̤l couldn't wish to take out all of Red Ono and survive, so he made the decision to join Multicorp Security. He knew Ricter's vengeance had boundaries which happened to stop just short on murdering an enlisted MCS officer. For all Ricter's cruelty and insanity, even he didn't want the full might of MCS to come down on him and Red Ono.

As expected, Kora̤l excelled during his time at MCS Academy and was immediately granted an assignment aboard Multicorp Security's flagship vessel MCS-1138 'The Synergy'.

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