Jewel is one of the few dedicated and highly-valued Engineers of Bear City's flight crew.

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One of Bear City's own homegrown citizens, Jewel has the distinction of being the first second-generation baby born on the base. Her parents migrated from the Northern Plains of Mars shortly before she was born. As farmers of the difficult, irradiated soil in the Northern Plains, their skills and knowledge proved to be vital in the early years of Bear City's agricultural development.

Jewel was slated to follow in her parents footsteps and her earliest years were filled with absorbing the information and skills to lead Bear City's agricultural sector. In secret, however, Jewel would sneak off to the flight deck every chance she got. Fascinated by the grace and power of the massive ships, she fantasized about a life in which she could understand them and keep them running.

Jewel's engineering genius can often be understated in her appearance, often more closely resembling a spiritual leader than a certified ship engineer. She's revered throughout the entire base for her abilities, and many pilots could attest to her life-saving repairs and upgrades to the aged ships.

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