Jer Bear

If there was a PSA for the dangers of Upgening, Jer Bear would be the poster child.

Originally Jeremy Rogers, a noted prizefighter on the outer-rim fighting circuit, Jer Bear first dipped his toes into the altered-gene pool to gain an edge in the ring. And it worked. With his new bearlike strength and ferocity he was soon winning every match against the highest ranked fighters.
Drunk with power and flush with cash, Jer elected to have another procedure done while his previous gene sequence was still cranking, creating an exponential cascade in his transformation. Jer Bear quickly started to become more bear than man, and was disbarred from the fighting world after he literally devoured an opponent in the ring.

Jer Bear used what was left of his rapidly diminishing intellect to escape incarceration by jacking a Heliobooster and heading for Earth. Unfortunately, his transformation continued during his journey and he was no longer able to control the craft with his giant bear paws (and tiny bear brain). After weeks of drifting, he was saved from a lonely death by Dylan, who intercepted him while on a reconnaissance mission. Recognizing Jer Bear from the Multicorps Security Forces’ Most Wanted transmissions, he impulsively decided to take the furry fugitive back to Bear City.

Outwardly he is indistinguishable from a grizzly bear; inwardly, no one really knows how much human is left inside that massive head of his. But despite being a mostly wild animal, he displays an undying loyalty to the Bear City crew. And will often accompany Primary Flight Controller on risky trade missions to provide an added level of intimidation and security.

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