Jean-Baptiste Brunet - Captain (Cargo Ship)

The 40-year-old captain of the cargo ship carries a strong French Canadian accent and isn’t afraid to throw in a bit of vulgar Quebecois language when the situation calls for it.

Jean-Baptist is actually a clone, replicated as the captain of multiple ships that make up his lucrative smuggling network. "The Captain" was a TCID experiment that failed pretty spectacularly. In creating self-reliance for long hauls between The Dot and the mother ships in outoutsol, TCID produced an incredibly adept, wildly uncontrollably, independent, pretty sucky employee - and a vengeful thorn in everyone’s side.

The Captains have banded together to create a smuggling operation, picking up ore from the likes of Bear City and Face Base and selling it to the non-TCID multicorps at insane markups. Since they're clones, you never know who you're talking to, unless you keep track of the numbers tattooed on their heads.

This ultra-independent, badass smuggler is the king of getting pirated ore where it needs to go, with a thousand ways of avoiding any 'corporate entanglements.' He's broad and gregarious and is the life of the party when he does an overnight. You’ll find him at J-Els, with a million stories and a wink for the ladies. He's often charming, and sometimes unpredictably violent.

Jean-Baptiste and his cargo ships are frequent targets of MCS patrols, but it's hard to keep a good man down. MCS knows there's a certain etiquette in firing at Jean Baptiste's freighters: come heavy, shoot to kill, and don't get caught.

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