'Honest' John Stetson

'Honest' John Stetson was born to colonists in the Valles Marineris region of Mars.

At an early age, his mother died from complications in childbirth, followed by his father who died off-planet in a asteroid encounter. Being completely orphaned, and with a baby brother and sister to feed, John made the heart wrenching choice to sell his younger siblings to slavers. He then departed on an expedition to Earth and never came back.

At the age of sixteen John earned a scholarship at Earth's 'Unilateral School of Aero and Astronautics', in hope of becoming a Multicorp Security fighter pilot. But as the outer Sol businesses bought Multicorp Security, turning the police unit into big business bodyguards, Stetson grew disenchanted. He joined the Galapaco Mother Ship as a hooker and tug pilot.

Working for Galapaco, John learned to hate, and ultimately resist, the oversight of the GalapaCo management system, which lacked political representation. After three years, John was elected head of the Body of Earth Miners union; the only non-Earth born person to hold that achievement. Five years after being elected head, relations between the Mining unions and corporations broke down after the Mining corporations lowered the miners' wages and imposed a tax rise on safety equipment, and a strike ensued. Honest John Stetson and his fellow miners barricaded themselves inside their own mining camp, leading to a tense standoff.

Multicorp Security forces were called to the scene, Stetson and his men were easily overpowered, and were sentenced to serve hard time in prison. En route to the prison planet, Stetson and the fellow miners managed to seize control of the ship. Stetson evaded the Multis and managed to continue fighting for miners' rights with the implementation of the Mining Guild.

Stetson is a man of great strength, both physically and mentally. He has a charismatic and stubborn approach that beckons respect to whomever he may come in contact with.

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