Harold Cincinnati

Harold Cincinnati is a prime example of why you shouldn't double cross The Follower's of Eratos.

Once a wannabe gun smuggler, he stupidly stole dark matter weapons from the followers to sell them on the black market while doing a job for them. He never made it out of the hanger to collect his pay check. After a long torture interrogation to find out were the stolen weapons were, they were found instantly, he was thrown in a cleansing chamber on the highest setting possible. The ship's generator almost overloaded by the time they were done with him. Somehow he survived and was through into a suicide cab and crash right into Captain Clam own ship, the Synergy. It would have been merciful if they just blew him right into smithereens.

After the crash, he was still alive out of all he had been through and lost his right leg, his right eye, several finger, a lung, his lower jaw,severe burn marks covering his entire body and what ever was left of him. Clam of course be the man that he is, sent him on a one way trip to Helios prison for making a hole in his ship. But was soon given one of the most complicated cybernetic operations in the history of the sol system. When they were done with he was not to happy when he looked at himself in the mirror. The prisoners themselves thought that they were seeing a real life monster walking the halls they were imprisoned in. Cincinnati used this to his advantage by scaring the prisoners into joining his gang, the Black Moon. Now he is ruling his own piece of paradise and is always reminded of how he came to be by just looking in the mirror.

Combat skill: medium

Intelligence: low

Influence: low

Threat level: minor threat

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