Citizen Oleg - Primary Flight Control (Face Base)

He’s been awarded Strength of Uranus Award for his role in the Battle of Bradbury Cavern

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Oleg, Face Base Primary Flight Controller

Oleg Rovenskyi, Face Base’s Primary Flight Controller, is not above a bit of piracy or drinking, but when the chips are down he's a long-practiced warrior and will get the job done for his people above all.

PriFly has a serious Russian accent and a world-weary attitude. He’s the object of awe among the Free Mars Movement, but his more tolerant views expose him to grave danger from the more extreme Martian revolutionaries (like Face Base’s Director of Enthusiasm).

His stories of the early days (e.g., what really led to the battle of Bradbury Cavern) are off color and disrupt the myths of the Free Mars orthodoxy. He's no enthusiast, and doesn’t quite fit in with the revolutionary mystique of Face Base, but as a decorated hero of the early battles on Mars (boy, there’s a story there!) he's a blood-friend of the local Committee president, and close comrades with the leadership back home in Cydonia.

With all these hot heads around him, PriFly needs to balance what the Committee and The Captain demands, what the ships and pilots must have, and his many friendships both in the crew and out in the wider world. As such, he’s untouchable. So long as he doesn’t fuck up too badly or get picked up by Multi-Security, he can continue to be proficient, albeit not-quite-as-passionate as some would like.

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