Emmons - Pilot (Bear City)

The smartest ass in outSol.

Emmons is a young, good-natured pilot from Bear City who is grounded from his ship, Smokey, more often than not for disciplinary reasons.

He’s an old school Chicago Cubs fan who gets caught up in partying and pranking, ━ resulting in Emmons pushing a broom in the flight tower more than piloting. Some people were just born to joke. He’s always trying to make the other flyers laugh at the expense of PriFly, Maintenance and his other superiors.

It's Emmons that "invites" the other pilots back to J-El's after hours (via the faulty back door) for drinks - truly on the house, and Emmons that diverts the Space Marshal's provisions ship for a private inspection (read: random confiscation). Generally, his antics are seen as more amusing and less malicious… unless you're an ass-puckered flight commander - a.k.a. anyone with a higher rank than Emmons.

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