Emile - Pilot (Face Base)

He don't look much like a Bear trainer.

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Emile and his PriFly, Citizen Oleg, go way back. They’re the founding citizens of Face Base and fought side-by-side in the early days of the Revolution.

The PriFly has saved Emile's life more than once, and he never lets Emile forget it. They’ve formed a tight bond over the years, coming from fighting in alleys on Old Mars to becoming leaders in the establishment of the Cydonia commune. Although they were eventually chased off-planet by Multicorp Security, their dream of freedom really took hold within the city.

After Oleg's death, Emile is now with the former enemy Bear City. He's a senior pilot trying to lead a group of undisciplined Bear City slack-asses. There are rumors coming out of Bear City that the once quiet Emile become a special kind of crazy. But it's possible Emile just had to scare all them Bears with his revolutionary zeal, just so they'd start listening to him.

Well, you know how it is with words: you say it one day, you become it the next.

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