Dylan - Pilot (Bear City)

Dylan is a 28-year-old experienced pilot who has been with Bear City since it was just 2 holes and docking ring.

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Dylan The Upgened Ram

His clock's wound a little tight these days, but Dylan used to be a lot of fun. He was a Bear City playboy and a staple on the Pleasure Cruise. He had a bunch of good-looking wives and was inseparable from that idiot Emmons… until, well, poor Dylan, everything changed one night.

While on leave, Dylan got White-Girl-Wasted. So Emmons, only about .08% more sober, hauled his friend into the doctor's dock and spent 6 months' salary on getting Dylan upgened into a ram. To say Dylan was pissed when he woke up is an understatement. He never forgave Emmons for the ultimate prank, and they have been butting heads ever since.

Aside from his horny appearance, the whole experience didn't change him too much. Dylan's still got multiple wives , an ongoing affair with blue cocktails, and he's still a hotshot pilot that can outmaneuver and outgun any Multi-security ship to dare fire on his freak ass.

Ram Man's got more than 6,700 flight hours in 40 different aircrafts and 203 space combat missions. When he's not putting a cap in the ass of MCS from the helm of The Ursidae, he's bringing in more ore for Bear City.

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