Cat Anne - Captain of the Cheyenne and all her wiley ways

Half cat, all smokeshow.

Cat Anne

Sold into Martian group marriage by her poverty-stricken family at 17 (see letters from home), "Annie" runs away from the loveless marriage within 6 months. She's free, but broke and alone. Seeking fame, fortune and freedom, Anne floats a bond to have herself genetically altered to become a cat-like lounge singer on the NewCo mother ship.

But the reinvented "Cat Anne" finds herself in quite a predicament, falling victim to her still-active upgene virus, Anne's singing voice becomes a feline yowl and her promising singing career comes to a screeching halt.

Annie, post-op

In desperation, Anne sells herself into a 5-year marriage contract with a wealthy renavigation tug pilot, Hank "The Mighty" Henderson. When Hank ends up mysteriously ex-alive, the new "Captain" Cat Anne takes over his beloved spaceship, Cheyenne. But the most valuable of Hank's possessions (hidden in a locker in the out-sol Commissariat) is an ancient object, an immortal, living machine, named The Conductor.

Given Anne's history with people, perhaps it's no surprise that she should fall in love with a machine. With The Conductor onboard the Cheyenne, Cat Anne sets out to find her destiny. But the Conductor, once fooled and imprisoned by Hank, has his own idea of what Anne's destiny should be… To help it find the other artifacts, to rebuild its ancient ship, to complete its mission.

Anne and the Conductor
The Conductor

Cat Anne is complicated and far wiser than her 25 years would suggest. Sexy in all aspects, from her hot, sultry voice (with a distinctive purr) to her stunning looks, Cat Anne is smart and manipulative - truly cat-like - playing our piratical mining crews like pinball machines to get their help in her secret agenda.

Anne knows she'll never defeat Multicorp Security alone (much less Earth Defense), so she cons Bear City and Face Base in her quest to build an army and locate the remaining artifacts. But the decision to help Cat Anne isn't unanimous among the factions. As Bear City's Primary Flight Controller knows, the promise to share a free Mars comes from the girl known throughout Sol as a merciless, wiley, manipulative man-eater with a short fuse and a long list of enemies.

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