Blake Vindowe

Blake Vindowe is an ace pilot for the Mullier Collective who has more battle scars than a ginger's got freckles.

The guy can fly - ain't no question about that. But he's trigger-happy, too. Probably 'cause he's in a cult, and paranoia comes with that weird-ass territory.

The only thing Vindowe trusts more than his "god" Tarenim is his rumored lover, Julie Shap. Now there's a hot little twinkie. Crazy, but hot. Crazy hot. Anyways, those two are always arguing and barkin' orders to each other. It's a typical relationship, I reckon: You're either fuckin' or fightin'.

Vindowe is a respected leader in the Collective, but he's a real hardass with an abrupt manner and sharp tongue, the kinda guy who's in a perpetual passive-aggressive argument with the universe.

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