Big Lenny

The take-no-shit owner of The Pink Taco, a notoriously rowdy nightclub on the Pleasure Cruise.

Let's just say Big Lenny's business practices reach beyond your typical scope of mopin' up puke and breaking up fights. Big Lenny is rich and powerful and ruthless with a rap sheet to follow. He takes what he can from his customers - money, information, wives. He's got a staff of yes men that could stretch from here to Cydonia, and ain't none of them afraid of nothin'… except Big Lenny.

They say he killed a man with a bottle of Old Blue that got smuggled off Bear City and into The Pink Taco. There's only so many open orifices a man's got, and Lenny found the tightest one to break that bottle into. Now, thanks to Big Lenny, poor ol' Melvin is restin' in pieces, if you know what I mean.

Big Lenny's got a second bar on the NewCo mothership, where he's got his dipshit brother Nate takin' care of the day-to-day dealings. Hard to believe they're brothers: Nate ain't big and he ain't smart. Hell, he wouldn't know a good tequila from a urine sample, but he's the only family Big Lenny's got, so he trusts him enough to run the NewCo joint while Big Lenny does his more important business of stealin' ore and beddin' whores.

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