Alex - Maintenance Chief (Bear City)

Alex, the Bear City Maintenance Chief, is a 40-year-old trained pilot who can't fly and suffers from flight-induced nausea.

Discovered late in his training, the poor guy gets nauseous when he's using VR goggles.

With his trusty assistant Victor at his side, Alex keeps Bear City’s systems and her ships operational. His job as maintenance chief is no easy task given a crew of part-time drunkards and full-time smart asses. He is adept and experienced - with little time to waste on unruly subordinates, except to call them out for being the "Goddamned ignoramuses" they are over open communications.

He’s a competent pro in a high-stress job, stubbornly keeping everyone’s expectations reasonable, his large family happy, and his ulcer in check. Safe on base he's PriFly's drinking buddy and friendly with his Comms Chief, Tess Rain.

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