After becoming the youngest recruit ever accepted to MCS Academy, Attika continues to make waves among the organization for her stunning intellect and revolutionary developments to theoretical propulsion. Considered one of the leading minds in advanced propulsion theory and its applications, Attika continues to develop and implement major advancements to the MCS fleet.

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Born within one year of a ten-year mission aboard the Nautilus deep-sea laboratory beneath the frozen ocean of Europa, Attika spent a great deal of her childhood peering through portholes into the icy, blue depths. Without any other children aboard the rig, Attika's closest friendships were that of her parents and the other scientists that were willing to tolerate her unceasing curiosity.

Attika's father, Tatsuya, helped to shape and focus her insatiable appetite for knowledge. As an engineer and scientist himself, Tatsuya would often enlist Attika's help with the submarines and underwater vehicles in which he operated and maintained. Under numerous occasions Attika had to be disciplined for deploying and operating the remote-operated vehicles without permission, which she credits as a formative experience in her eventual career and field of study.

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