A9-P1 aka (JunkYard)

Greetings, my name is A9-P1, but my associates call me Junkyard due to my run down state.

I am (or was) a maintenance engineer robot before my arrival at Face Base. I wish I was still one, since I would able to function properly. I was forced to undergo an experimental project with a prototype Artificial Intelligence by a corporate division to use me as their lab rat.

What they didn't realize was that it increased my intelligence more than any of those apes could imagine. Of course as soon as they realized it, they planned to terminate me. But of course I planned ahead and escaped after I "accidentally" blew up the research station. How was I suppose to know that hydrogen canisters weren't supposed to be exposed to fire? ;)

After that I was left drifting in space for 20.7 years before a freighter picked me up and brought me to Face base. Of course I soon discovered that they stopped making my model a decade ago and had to use spare parts from what ever I could find— thus the name Junkyard. I was given the job to take care of maintenance around the station and have been gaining more insight with my new intelligence granting me a higher position on Face Base as a tactical advisor. But every time we keep going near that the Dravidian Shipwreck it tells me to come to it for something. Maybe that's were the program original came from. Now all I need now is a new body to transfer my sub-conscious into.

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