The Characters

Our writers have carefully crafted an assorted box of crazies: Ace pilots, drama queens, disgruntled workers, and even a playful sex kitten that’s really a boss ass bitch.

It's the cast members that add to the dysfunctional debauchery that defines SEU. If you have an idea for a great character to add to our already established stupidity, viciousness, avarice, cowardice and psychotic behavior, add it to our world!

Official SEU Characters

New Submissions

Aunt Sima - KumaK
Big Lenny - Kumatrish
Blake Vindowe - Aravore Schnell
Bull Man - Kumatrish
Christopher Adrill - Kumatrish
Commander Fillik - Kumatrish
Damselfly - Kumatrish
Demitri Dravidian - Kumatrish
Hammil Triphone - Kumatrish
Jorj Mullier - Kumatrish
Nansen - chukstik
Pammila Triphone - Kumatrish
Tarenim - Kumatrish
Vincent Dayshine - Kumatrish

Unofficial Characters (slated for future episodes)

Once your submission can be sufficiently linked to existing characters, ships, or factions we can begin to finalize its place in the SEU world. The following characters need some finishing touches - details and external links - to get past the last round of writing. Jump in and help make these characters become official!

A9-P1 aka (JunkYard) - Purple Jester
David Frenk - Aravore Schnell
Eratos - Kumatrish
Harold Cincinnati - Purple Jester
'Honest' John Stetson - Daniel Ryan
Jacyll Kaen IX - Davey Ze Jones
Julie Shap - Aravore Schnell
Kendal Zack - Aravore Schnell
Kronus Orpheus - Derpazoid23
Lenard "the Butcher" McCullough - Purple Jester
Mira Tanaka - Purple Jester
Omen - Purple Jester
Sacrilege - Purple Jester
Strife - Purple Jester
The Disciples of Oblivion - Purple Jester
The Harbinger of the End - Purple Jester
The Stranger - Kumatrish

Primary Source materials

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