Pirate Etiquette and Rules

Welcome aboard!

Space Epic Untitled uses a collaborative approach to developing and playing video games, and we want to see your original ideas for scripts, characters, vessels, weaponry, gameplay, and storylines. We’re not about censoring ideas or opinions; however, trolls, instigators, hate mongers, bigots, and assholes in general will not be tolerated. Space Epic Untitled website and forum users are expected to be respectful and display good “netiquette”.

The rules are simple:

Don’t be condescending. Diminishing or mocking another budding developer or writer’s idea isn’t okay. There’s a rating system in place that allows you to judge the value of the submission.

Avoid YELLING AT PEOPLE, or spamming the site with 100 rolling-eye emojis and animated middle fingers to make your point. Use your words to open a discussion or explain an idea.

Anything created or written for the purpose of tormenting, threatening, harassing, humiliating, or targeting another creator, player or clan will not be tolerated. So think before you create a storyline, scene or team. (If your idea can in any way be construed as discriminatory or offensive to others, it’s not a good idea.)

Kuma Games and its administrators have the right to revoke site privileges or ban any user for any reason, at any time without notice or explanation. And if you're an extraordinary idiot we reserve the right to use your personality as inspiration for a most tortured new character.

So be creative, be collective, and above all, be cool.

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