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Jumper factions

Episode 2 revolves around the meeting of 4 of the pirate clans. It's a major rendenzvous and step one on our road to liberate Mars (and make some coin). We have Bear City and Face Base fairly well blocked out (more detail always useful!), but we're missing basic info on the 2 other clans to be featured. Yo! This is your chance to get your ideas in the game! Read Bear City and Face Base, create new cities at "factions:your-awesome-clan-name" and start writing, writer! We'll all edit and add to it and (gulp) rate the topic. We are looking for concepts that fit the world, have some meat to them, and get your fellow writers excited enough to contribute.

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Many of our personalities are still stubs. These guys need backstories fleshed out. Additionally, the text of many of these were taken verbatim from our writer's style guide, and so have an inappropriate tone. These should sound like they written by a historian of the future, a close contemporary of the participants in these events. That's what I think anyway.

Here are a few stubs we'd love to see get some action:

Artists, letter writing aficionados and poets

Some of our story lines allude to letters, poems and art pieces! Here's your chance to write or create the nitty gritty details that are so essential to the spirit of SEU.

Check out these:
*"Onward Cydonia painting"
*Vin Dolor's Epic Poem

Primary Sources

We are looking for "primary sources" — documents that would be attached to these articles, notionally, the original documents we're basing these articles on. Emails, poems, videos, news reports, etc. Wait till you see our plans for those!


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