Frequently Asked Questions

Give me a run down of Space Epic Untitled

Maker: Kuma TV
Genres: Action, Sci-Fi, Episodic, Space Shooter
Platforms: PC, Apple TV, FireTV, Android, Iphone
Languages: English
Players: Single-player, Local Co-op (couch co-op)

How do I play the game?

1. Get the game for your Amazon Fire TV, AppleTV or Steam first.
2. You and your friends should go and download the free controller app for iOS and Android on the mobile app stores
3. Sync your controller apps to Space Epic Untitled over wifi

How do I get begin telling my story?

Welcome aboard! To begin, click to create your page and then head to the job board . We also have a good reference for formating, and if you still need help you can post any question or problem you have to our community forum and we'll be glad to lend a hand. Have fun!

How do I have the best shot at getting my character into the Space Epic game?

Read the character descriptions of the official cast and crew. Since your new personality must fit in within the realm of the story that's being told, the easiest way to get your work published is to expand on one of the many characters we've created - but haven't been developed yet. In the Who's Who section, choose to edit a character (using the EDIT link at the bottom of the character's page) and expand on their personality for us. Where did they come from? What faction are they a part of, and how did they get here? Is this character funny? Cruel? Sexy? Let the audience know why we should love or hate them. Well developed game elements will move from "under consideration" to "official" and be a part of upcoming episodes. Make sure your work is a part of it!

Will you answer my questions?

Yes. Just ask a question on the forums, and — if it seems like the kind of question that people will ask a lot — we'll answer it there, and then we'll bring it back here.

How do I get to the forums?

Good question. Click 'forums' on the side navigation bar on the side or, if you're ready now click here.

What makes a game element "Official"?

The game developers will edit your ideas to be sure they fit within the Space Epic story line. Once a character, vessel, weapon or history can be incorporated into the game, we'll move it from "For Consideration" to "Future Episodes". Once we find a home for it in an episode it will be moved into "Official" status. The more ideas you submit, the better your chances of getting published!

My idea has been listed under "For Consideration" for a while. Will I ever see it in the game?

Odds are, yes! We're currently finalizing episode 2, and episode 3 is in production, so many of the original submissions will be incorporated into the upcoming scripts. Remember: the more detailed your idea, and the more your idea fits into the current Space Epic story, the better (and faster!) your odds are of seeing your game element appear onscreen.

What does it mean to "stay within the story guidelines" when creating my own character or vessel?

Here are a few guidelines: Our characters live within the existing solar system, so any other worlds your personalities associate with should be actual planets. Keep in mind there are about 180 natural moons orbiting planets in our solar system, so feel free to claim one as yours and tell us all about it!

Thus far, planet Earth still exists; we’ve just experienced a mass exodus, so build your character’s history accordingly.

Earth characters that contain DNA from other species should be categorized as genetically modified. Part humans/part feline species, like Cat Anne, for instance, were genetically modified. This is rare, but not uncommon in our Space Epic. But how - and, more interestingly, why - your character was altered is an important part of the story, so take a great idea, keep it somewhat plausible, and expand on it.

In season one, our characters do not past the speed of light. If your story line includes a vessel that travels at unlimited speeds it may not be included until future seasons. If you’d like to see your work published sooner, consider altering your ship's abilities.

What other free games do you have?

Kuma Games has hundreds of game episodes across a dozen game titles, all offered for free! From shooting in first person to driving race cars, flying warplanes to hunting predators, scoring in soccer and dealing cards, Kuma has an exciting, free game for everyone. Visit our official site to learn more.

How do I edit a page? Can I edit any page?

You can edit a page by choosing the page from the proper heading in the left-hand column of the Space Epic Untitled home page. Click on the desired page, scroll to the bottom and hit the EDIT button. Make changes or additions, then be sure to save the page. Feel free to make additions to others' work, but only if it adds to the creative flow the author has initiated. If your ideas differ from the original writer's, promote your original idea by starting a new page. But if you feel you have a way to enhance another person's idea, go for it!

How old do you have to be to contribute to the project?

Anyone is welcome to play the Space Epic Untitled game and monitor the site. However, to contribute as a writer or editor you must be 18 years of age. It's not us, it's our lawyers.

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