The story... thus far
Episode 1
The Cat in the Doorway

Episode 1: The Cat in the Doorway

Rival pirate factions Bear City and Face Base struggle to blow each other out of the sky in a struggle to jump corporate-tagged ore in Saturn's shadow. Battling for precious resources along the Asteroid Highway is nothing out of the ordinary, but when the cunning Cat Anne arrives on the scene with Multi-corp Security in hot pursuit, the pirates merge forces… and the battle for Mars begins.

Anne in thought
The Captain is Dead

Episode 2: The Captain is Dead

Cat Anne promises the warring factions the power to free Mars from their upgened Earth masters if they help her uncover a powerful alien artifact. But TCID (The Corporation Interplanetary Development) — a consortium of Sol's largest multicorps — knows more than Cat Anne about these plural artifacts and is determined to get them under control, even if it means destroying Bear City, Face Base and you.

To Cast Io Down

Episode 3: To Cast Io Down

UNDER DEVELOPMENT: With the powerful MCS ship Synergy vanquished, the victorious Bear City pirates — joined by Cat Anne's Cheyenne, the remnants of Face Base's rebel fighters, and the alien artifacts — embark on a wild spree of piracy and pillage throughout Near outSol. It is in fact part of Cat Anne's plan to draw out Multicorp Security, and she succeeds… too well by far, and the growing pirate fleet meets a tremendous Multicorp armada at Jupiter's moon, Io.

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