Despite its great promise to improve human abilities, upgeneing is most commonly used by fashionable socialite — a sort of modern-day tattoo.

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Dylan The Upgened Ram

Upgenetics is a dangerous, expensive procedure, performed only by experienced AI/physician teams, the Upgening procedure alters selected human systems with non-human genes.

Dangers include incompatibility of newly formed organs (e.g., lungs and gas sacks), mental overload from unfamiliar sensory data (Jacobson's organ), susceptibility to new diseases, inherited antisocial behaviors, runaway gene-bearing adenvirus (i.e., out of control modifications.) Jer Bear is a well known example in outSol. Needless to say, upgening is an uninsurable procedure and available only through private contract. While lower-cost providers exist, not all providers are equally competent.

The most well-known up-gened character in SEU is Cat Anne.

Examples from the Evolve catalog
* Tess the Fox
* Damselfly
* Bull
* Rabbit
* Lizard

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