Space Travel

Mobile, small cities capable of growing food, sustaining families, and providing on-board defense.

100 years ago space travel was used exclusively by developed Earth countries for the purposes of extra-terrestrial research and intellectual advancement. The idea of space travel as a leisure activity, or as a vehicle to escape the home planet was unimaginable. That is, until the discovery of Tesseract technology… and the ensuing mass exodus from Earth.

Tesseract technology utilizes the space/temporal distortions produced from a dark matter reaction to fold space around a ship, allowing instant transportation to any point in space. Space travel is limited only by the amount of available dark matter, which reacts violently when encountering any kind of regular matter. Most ships generate or capture a small quantity of dark matter when they begin a jump. The ability to generate such power is dependent on ore deposits into The Dot.

If you can't afford space travel, citizens can at least browse The Grid for loads of information and entertainment taken from Earth and expanded.

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