Onward Cydonia

The official rally cry of the Free Mars Movement.

Onward Cydonia poster
Onward Cydonia!

The exact origin is unknown, except that it was scrawled on the distil tent walls and water cavern floors of Mars' Northern Plain as early as M12. The eponynous underground newspaper Onward Cydonia began publishing shortly thereafter, with copies in Multicorp Security possession dated as early as 15 JulyB M14.

Origin and ownership of the slogan is hotly contested among the remaining Mars militias, reportedly at the heart of violence in DecemberA M51 between Face Base and Beloved Red Soil members in Bradbury Cavern.

Popular Culture References

  • During the Second Cydonia Insurrection, "Onward Cydonia" was a password among the emerging Free Mars Movement
  • "Onward Cydonia" is the title on an epic poem by Galapogos-LEO poet Vin Dolor
  • "Onward Cydonia" is a painting by Art A.I. "Cool Blue", commissioned by investor-activist group Earth Republics. In creating the work, Cool Blue reportedly analyzed the works of revolutionary Earth art and literature of the past 300 years.

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