Dune Glider Racing

Very few sports ever made it off Earth after the war- after all how can something like Soccer actually work in anti-gravity? A crop of new sports evolved on Mars- The most popular of them all being Dune Glider racing.

These gliders are specifically designed to glide in mid air with the help of an anti-gravity engine embedded in the thruster engines, along with nano fibber sails to steer.

Mars itself is still a harsh environment to live in and the danger of the races themselves make it more entertaining to watch. Corporations themselves generally use this as away to appease the miners to avoid rioting for being over worked. The racers are often rewarded from the corporation sponsors like Galapaco, earning money and enjoying a more comfortable style instead of living in a hell hole.

The rules are simple: get to the end of the finish line and survive. The fatality rate in these races are 1 in 5 and anything can go wrong, from damaged oxygen filters to sandstorms, this sport is not for the faint of heart. Those who survive long enough end up becoming legends for making their mark on the red planet.

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