In Regards to ExoMars - a letter

Dear Sirs,
I am writing this letter under anonymity for fear I will be persecuted for my anti-TCID ramblings regarding the ExoMars expedition of 2016.

If the history books is right, I (and others) believe the EuroRussian expedition into the Mars region was for educational purposes only. However, I (and others) know that The Corporation Interplanetary Development exploited the data that was made public from said expedition, and used it to

1. Travel safely to, and conquer Mars (a independent planet! Shame on y'all)
2. Begin terraforming the region using slave labor (double that shame)
3. Retain exclusive rights to travel, mine, visit or reside on or near Mars (illegal!)

Your sorry excuse, for takin' this information and using it for your own gain, the Treaty of Vienna friggin' HEO, is horseshit, pardon my French. It ain't for the protection of anyone but you and the mega-corporations. So go on: buff each other's bananas in the name of peace, but you done stole Mars.

People are starvin' and slavin' over what's now YOUR planet. MY people. I hope you're happy. Know what else? I hope all you TCID mo-fos get sucked into a death orbit that spins your sorry asses up and shoots you straight to the sun.

A Concerned Citizen

PS- I urge all you citizens to write a letter about the expedition now- Supposedly we still have "Free" Press! Onward Cydonia!

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