What Is Space Epic Untitled?

Space Epic Untitled or more affectionately, SEU, is a revolutionary video game used in conjunction with your mobile phone to create playable TV on smart TVs powered by AppleTV, Amazon Fire TV, and AndroidTV (and your Windows PC, too!).

game screenshot

We are the crew

Play SEU using your Apple or Android smart phone as a controller. In this way you create a "couch co-op" in your living room battling and cooperating with other multiplayer ships over the Internet. Each ship has a pilot, a gunner and an engineer.

We are the stars

When you add an "engineer" or a "gunner" with the controller app, you get a number of upgrades, including the ability to star in the show through video chat. Whenever you send a video, by default it displays on the TV screen of all members of your clan. You can use this tactically, or can dress up like the folks in our party video, and create live "episodes" of SEU.

We are the writers

SEU is episodic, enabling us to write future scripts using your ideas to fill in the blanks in our current story line and develop new characters, killer weapons and awesome space ships. Episode 1 has been recently released, and we're just beginning work on Episode 2. Join us!

Unlike any sci-fi franchise in TV history, we created a world in partnership with fans in yet another TV Gaming revolution from Kuma!

Where to get it

Space Epic Untitled is currently available on the Amazon Fire TV and Google Play Store. Hand control software for your phone is about to release on iTunes, the Google Play Store and on Amazon. Just search for Space Epic Untitled. It's Free!

Additional versions are in review and expected to release soon for the AppleTV and AndroidTV.

There's more!

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