Treaty Of Vienna - HEO (Full Text)

THE PARTIES HEREWITH ( Galapaco, NewCo, AQC, Megalith and compliant Earth governments), in an effort to protect the business interests of Outsol acknowledge and accept the following articles:

Article 1: Parsing of Mars regions into corporate fiefdoms

Article 2: Independent TCID judiciary
The TCID will be allowed to manage The Dot and terraform Mars herewith. In exchange, TCID will be required to provide free energy to earth and keep the peace between Comissariats and the Martian Colonies.

Article 3: Right-of-way for the Asteroid Highway

Article 4:
Exclusive rights to ore contained in asteroid which any Multicorp discovers, tags and re-navigates (i.e., "Hooks") toward the Asteroid Highway.

Article 5: Responsibilities, obligation and apportionment of costs for Multi-corp Security Forces.

Article 6: Schedule of transport of Earth colonists from the participant countries to newly developed lands on Mars.

IN FAITH WHEREOF the above-named parties have signed the present Treaty.

Done at Marine Forward Operation Position, the twenty-eighth day of June, in a single copy which will remain deposited in the archives of the MFOP, and of which authenticated copies will be transmitted to each of the Signatory Parties.

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