Future History: Wellington Massacre

When the first protests on Mars started, they were unorganized and violent. The colony of Wellington was no exception. The protests lasted for days, until finally it turned into full scale riot. Security forces tried to put it down as quickly as possible, but made it worse with their presence. Then, a shot was fired and all hell broke lose. Security Forces open fired on the colonists, not knowing who fired the shot. In just five minutes four hundred colonists lay dead in the streets. Wellington was later put under marshal law for the next several months.

The colonies across Mars were outraged by this act of aggression and soon colonial and corporate cooperation started to break down. From the ashes of this event the Free Mars Movement was created to help bring rights to the Martian people.

The Massacre itself has been used in countless propaganda and political debates since and is still fresh in the mind of those who experienced it.

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