The War of the Doom Seekers

In 2112, The Followers of Eratos' numbers reached reached over 1.2 billion members, which made up 1/10th of Earth. With the decline of natural resources dwindling every year, The Harbenger of the End called declared the Beginning of Ascension to paradise and the Followers prepare for war in the name of Eratos. The first battle of the war started in the largest city in the world at the time, New York.

After a whole week the city was in ruins and global war soon started. Nations from across the world joined forces to the United Defense Coaltion of Earth to stop the threat from spreading. But they were to late since the Followers were a global movement and the conflict spread. Many cities and governments fall at the hand of the Followers. Until finally at the 2nd battle of Cairo the tides changed in the favor of the UDCE. The Followers lost as strategic foothold and pushed out of Africa leading to their downfall. By 2127, the Followers of Eratos where defeated and fled the planet on prototype spaceships stolen from Russia after it fell. They vowed that their God would one day destroy them were they have failed. The Coalition had won, but after 15 years of war over half of the population of Earth was wiped out and only 2 dozen nations were left. The Followers were never heard from again on Earth again and were given the nickname Doom Seekers by veterans of the war and Thous the war was name the War of the Doom Seekers.

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