The Siege Of Geo

When the Mars rebellion first started, it was mostly concentrated in the colony of Geo, which is located next to a mountain range to mine and protection from sandstorms. Even if security forces were to assault the colony, they would have to attack from one side since the mountains were not traversable. The rebels made sure that the colony was turned into a fortress long before a rebellion was on their mind. Trenches, machine gun, anti air, you name it. These would take everything multi security had just to break through.

When the rebellion began, Geo was surrounded by thousands of soldiers just trying to breach the outer defenses. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months before Multi Security could close in on the remaining rebels. But the rebels had a fail safe if Geo were to fall, they would use the mines as an escape route with what supplies they had along with the remaining civilians to a safe house, they also planted explosives to blow Geo sky high in order to keep intelligence out of security hands.

There was only one other problem, some would have to stay behind and seal the mines for the other to escape. Many volunteered to save the lives of their fellow Martians. In the end, Geo was nothing but ruins when the dust settled.

After Math

  • Security forces lost over 986 forces and 452 were wounded in the siege alone.
  • The rebels lost over 230 troops that fought to bitter end.

There is a motto that they say for those lost at Geo, just like at the Alamo,

Remember Geo

Geo was never rebuilt, instead it's slowly being swallowed up by the sands of Mars itself.

Mira Tanaka got accidentally caught up in the siege and lost her arm. She was lucky to be alive.

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