The Red Plague

When the first human settled on Mars they were to going meet a horrifying end. As terraforming progressed on Mars, the newly created germs on the planet started to mutate with something far older that resided on the planet itself. A first the settlers were fine for the first few months, but that would all change. Many started to develop the disease and later died. Many more would be taken by it as it spread from host to host. Bodies were burned and people were quarantined. But it some how made off Mars and continued to spread. No one was safe from this merciless killer. Until finally, it stopped after it was discovered that it could not withstand the cold. Thousands of lives were lost to this epidemic and Mars soon started to rebuild once more. A sample of the plague itself is locked up in a secured lab trying to find a cure for it, in case it ever returned. Some scientists even believe that was the reason that all life on Mars was wiped out.

Symptoms stages and side effect.

Stage one: Red rash, fever, coughing

Stage two: hallucinations, paranoia, aggressive behavior

Stage three:blood from eyes, shortness of breath

Stage four: death

If you spot anyone with these symptoms, report to the nearest security official immediately and pray that it doesn't spread.

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