The Assassination of Kathleen Dalasi

Before the Free Mars Movement Rebellion Mars was a horrible place to exist. Then the riots happened. The Movement began as a peaceful protest lead by a young Indian women named Kathleen Dalasi who followed in the footsteps of Gandhi.

Corporate CEOs had no choice but to negotiate with the Movement to bring production back to Mars. On a private cruiser in Mars' orbit, Kathleen represented the people and went toe to toe with the CEOS of Megalith, NewCo, Galapaco and AQC.

What happen next was unexpected and ended in tragedy. An assassin entered the ship and killed everyone on-board. When security forces arrived, they saw nothing but a massacre before them, and Kathleen's body was found (mostly intact) amongst the carnage. Colonists hypothesized that the corporations planed Dalasi's death before negotiations could break down.

Kathleen Dalasi will always be a martyr to the people in their struggle to free Mars from tyranny.

Onward Cydonia!

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