The Corporation Interplanetary Development (TCID) is a syndicate of some of Earth's largest Multicorps (including Megalith, AQC, Galapaco, and NewCo).

TCID's charter is to manage The Dot, terraform Mars, and exploit the asteroid resources of outSol.

Backed by trillions of scrip earned through the mining of asteroids and shipments of precious diamonds, platinum, Iridium and other valuables back to Earth, the TCID also benefits from free Mars labor, thanks to "undesirable" Earthlings sentenced to Mars transport by national Earth governments.

In exchange for the many concessions received through the Treaty of Vienna-HEO, TCID provides free, limitless energy to Earth, a home for excess population, and — in future decades, food for Earth's hungry billions. Thus, Earth's powerful but fearful leaders are forever beholden to the TCID.

TCID employs the powerful Multi-corp Security force to protect the Asteroid Highway from pirates and Jumpers, and keeps the peace on the Commissariats and in the Martian Colonies.

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