Face Base

Considered politically-motivated freedom fighters, Face Base’s dedicated inhabitants are committed to their cause: the Free Mars Movement. Onward Cydonia!

Face Base
Face Base
Face Base heading into radio shadow

Though they’re usually referred to as uptight or as having lithium rods “stuck up as their asses” by their counterparts in Bear City, Face Base is actively involved in thieving, stripping and jumping to support the Revolution. At first glance, Face Base appears inhabited by pirates or liberators, and Multicorp officials state more Face Base residents are sought after in connection with thievery along the Asteroid Highway than any other of outer sol's mobile "cities." (Nice work, Basers!)

Face Base is led by a mysterious figure, known as "The Captain", who has a close relationship with Free Mars senior figures. According to Multi-security reports, most Face Base residents hail from the Cydonia agricultural region.

Face Base has more than 20 space "hooker," "stripper," and Corona-class tugs in operation by a team of ace, take-no-shit pilots.

Residents living on Face Base include The Captain, Aurora, Hugo, Alisa, Emile, Summertime, Katya Saltykova, Nick, Primary Flight Controller, and Yuri.

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