Bear City

Nearly all of Bear City’s residents have deep roots in Mars' agricultural regions including Cydonia and the Northern Plains. Joined by a few Earth Defense veterans and their families, Bear City takes pride in its inclusive community.

Bear City
Bear City

Bear City is a roving ore stripper operation, a tight community of independent miners and home to some of the loosest cannons in the galaxy. Ensconced in passageways and domes, its 60 million metric tons of rock is an impressive interstellar structure.

On the books, Bear City’s 800+ residents are employed in the sectors of licensed stripping, contract tagging, and zero-g distillation. But the bulk of Bear City’s income comes by way of off-the-book salvage and mining (i.e., piracy and jumping) along the Asteroid Highway, a theory supported by thousands of hours of Multicorp interrogation and investigation transcripts.

Bear City facilities includes the famous J-El's Bar, a 6-story agrarian shaft, dual 8-port super-friggin'-cool catapults, a control tower and external docking facilities, a hangar bay, habitation caves (yup, even space has its own form of Netflix and chill), an oxyhydrogen reactor, limited ore processing, collector arrays, defense infrastructure, retail corridors, and various “social facilities.” Bears know how to party, and their city offers more than a few hot spots to get your Blue on, produced exclusively onboard in the Bear City Bluery.

Notable personalities connected to Bear City are Alex, Dylan, Emmons, Comms Chief, Primary Flight Controller, Leerman and Victor.

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