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Space Epic Untitled is a 3D action game for smart TV devices, like AppleTV, Amazon Fire TV and AndroidTV (and PC, too.) Control your TV using your phone, and star in an episodic multiplayer TV show where the story is written by fans and told through your eyes. Fly and fight, join a crew, and use live video captured on your phone to broadcast to TVs around the world.

We need you! Join the battle to free Mars and tell us what should happen in the upcoming episodes! Create aliens and space heroes, awesome space ships, bizarre lifestyle d'future and lovingly detailed backstory to add to the momentum of this engaging, user-created masterpiece-come-to-life.

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Use your phone or the game controller to fly ships, find treasure, do battle, and talk to friends. Episode 1 (It's FREE!) features Bear City and Face Base, two pirate clans, each robbing the same ore consignment. These are rival factions with big guns and bigger personalities, and it doesn't take much for the pirate ships to tangle. But when Cat Anne, a genetically modified con-artist, comes streaking in with the cops on her tail, the pirates put their differences aside to keep the fearsome Multi-corp Security carrier at bay.

I'm proud to announce the release of Episode 2 — which includes input from fan writers on this Wiki! My warm thanks to everyone who's contributed. Get in on the action!

Let me be the first to welcome you to our creator community and thank you for embracing the world of Space Epic Untitled. I look forward to seeing your ideas come to life.

Warm regards,

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KUMA Games

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